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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for ISA Florence, Italy: Business, Hospitality, Design & Liberal Arts - Semester/Academic Year.

Spring Budget Sheet for ISA Florence, Italy: Business, Hospitality, Design & Liberal Arts - Semester/Academic Year
Spring Budget Sheet for ISA Florence, Italy: Business, Hospitality, Design & Liberal Arts - Semester/Academic Year
Budget Item Program Participation Costs
StudioAbroad Fee *   $30.00
Billable subtotal:  $30.00
Meals   $1,500.00
Books and Supplies   $350.00
International Airfare   $1,200.00
Personal Expenses   $2,625.00
Passport and Photos (if you don't already have one)   $148.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $5,823.00
Total: $5,853.00
Program Dates: January 28- May 17, 2014 (15 Weeks)

What's included:
3rd Party Program fees include tuition and fees, apartment housing, health insurance, and some cultural events and excursions.

A $750 refundable security deposit will be charged to students living in ISA arranged housing. ISA may retain some, or all, of this deposit in the case of damage to property, or if utility usage exceeds the allotted monthly amount.

Misc. expenses include, but are not limited to: personal expenses, laundry and misc supplies, copies, postage, haircut, toiletries, basic housing set-up, medical co-pays, personal travel etc.

Visa Information:
Study visas are free of charge. For study more than 90 days you will then need to apply for a residency card (permesso di soggiorno) at the local police station (Questura) with in the first 8 days of arrival in Italy. This along with your visa will allow you to stay in Italy for the duration of your studies. There is a fee associated with the residency card and your on-site directors will assist you with this process.

Non-US Citizens:

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to check with your local embassy or consulate to verify entry requirements for Italy.

*You are ultimately responsible for securing your visa.

Note: Embassy and consulate contact information is subject to change without notice. Please refer to the website of the embassy or consulate to verify information.

Housing Information:

ISA Housing provides the opportunity for students to experience aspects of the Italian lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor of Italy. All ISA Housing options are either within walking distance or conveniently located to public transit routes. Travel times to the various university buildings generally range between 15 and 40 minutes depending on housing and class locations. Please note: All housing in Florence is subject to availability.

The experience of living in another culture will be both educational and rewarding so long as you stay open-minded and reasonable at all times. There are differences in culture and lifestyle between life in Italy and the U.S. Remember: the key to a positive experience is flexibility. With this in mind, you can become a true Florentine!

ISA Apartments:
Rent is included in the program price. Students are placed in furnished, centrally located apartments. Bedrooms are double and triple occupancy and apartments have 1-3 bedrooms, lounge/living room, kitchen and bathroom(s). Each apartment is equipped with basic furnishings and supplies, including one single bed (per student), a closet/clothing storage space, basic cookware and kitchenware, a table and chairs and furnished sitting area. Bed linens and towels are not provided. Each student is expected to provide his/her own paper and cleaning products as well as replacing light bulbs. Many apartment units include laundry facility in house or on-site. While apartments are standardized in terms of basic amenities, they can vary greatly in terms of both aesthetics and proximity to the university.

All apartments are same-sex, non-smoking environments. Meals and laundry service are not included.

Each homestay has been carefully selected by ISA's resident staff in order to accommodate students' specific need and to ensure a comfortable living situation. The majority of the ISA homestays do not speak English; however, some may have basic skills. Students typically share a bedroom with another ISA student. Some meals and laundry service are also included in the homestay option.

Homestays are not availble during the J-Term or Intensive Month programs. The homestay option is NOT included in the ISA program price. Please contact ISA for additional homestay fees.

Independent Housing:
Students may opt to secure housing independently. Students who select this option receive a discount equal to the housing portion of the program price.

*All housing assignments are based on space available and are coordinated on a first-come, first-serve basis

Consortium should go to:

ISA Headquarters in Austin
International Studies Abroad
1112 W. Ben White Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704

 Tel: 800-580-8826  Tel: 512-480-8522  Fax: 512-480-8866

Updated: 10/7/2013 EAL
* Billable item